Independence Day 5 String

Bass Guitars

For the “ Inde”, built for a July 4th celebration, we took “Lace Music Products” Aluma P’s and combined them with Girouard Guitars fit, finish, and attention to detail, delivering a new take on a classic instrument. The Aluma P’s pickups are extremely punchy and focused, giving the player the ability to walk a low-mid focused blues line, nail the scooped midrange and sweet top-end sound slappers favor, and wield a razor sharp blistering rock bassline. This bass has growl to burn!
The PGP 5’s Independence Day’s maple body and maple through neck construction provides sustain and bright, evenly balanced tone. The 34 ” scale length makes this an instantly comfortable bass for players old and new. A Hipshot bridge allows you the choice of strings through the bridge or the body to yield even more tonal possibilities.